Welcome to The Angels Academies!

With 100+ members and 20+ extremely talented coaches and members of staff.  The Angels Academies caters for males and females aged from 3 to adult.  In the areas of Cheerleading and Tumbling.  
Our main location ia in North West London, UK.  However,  we now offer virtual courses for those wanting to be trained in Cheerleading with us but for whatever reason, cannot physically attend.  

Our Founder

“Although I formed the Angels in the year 2000, it is every word, every read post and many people that have helped to shape it’s creation. From athletes, coaches, office staff, parents and parent Reps.

I have worked with children for 22 years of my life and believe that they are precious. Precious not just because of their innocence but because they are the future of our world and are capable of more than they might ever know.  It is important to me that human beings get to be happy, fulfilled and powerful individuals. The Angels Academies is the best way that I can think of to make this possible through physical action.  Myself and staff get to interact with our members from a place of love, understanding and patience.  To be their second family, whom they can turn to for support because we desire the best for them.

Our classes increase confidence and allow them to gain experience in life, that they might not  have usually obtained.  From travelling across the world to making new friends.  Learning that competition is not the ‘be all and end all’, because to win, somebody else has to lose.  Where as in fact, life experiences are what mostly shape who you become and the impact you have on others and the world.  

The Angels Academies Values are at the forefront and are implemented into all that we do.  We hope that you enjoy your time with us and look back on it some day, as beneficial”